Work Rights & Opportunities

Before you apply

Check that you are eligible to work in Australia with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

  • Conditions for working while studying
    • In summary, you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during your course. This excludes any work undertaken as a registered component of your course of study or training.
    • You can work unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks.
    • Family members can work up to 40 hours per fortnight at all times
    • Family members can work unlimited hours if the minimum study is at least Master’s degree
    • Holidays -´Most education providers will give you around 10 weeks holiday. During this time you can work unlimited hours.´You can also take 1 month holiday on your own accord. In this time you can visit your family back in your home country.
  • Conditions for work after graduation
    • You may be entitled for post graduate visa which you can work and family member unlimited hours from 1.5 to 4 hours. This will be dependent on your visa subclass and course you have chosen.
  • Information on the temporary graduate visa

Qualifications and skills

Check if your existing qualifications and skills meet Australian standards.

How to apply for permission to work (pre May 2008 students)

Strategies for working in Australia

Improve your English communication skills

Excellent written and spoken English skills are very important in the Australian workplace. Strategies to improve your English communication skills are:

  • Speak English in your house
  • Join clubs and groups that only speak in English
  • Join public speaking groups
  • Listen to the radio, watch TV and films and read books in English
  • Download and listen to podcasts in English in your field of study
  • Read newspaper and magazine articles in your field of study in English
  • Get help with writing essays and assignments at our Study and learning Centre.
  • Check the English courses on offer at Qualify Me! Courses

Get local work experience

Work experience during studies demonstrates to future graduate employers that you already have skills and experience in a work related environment.

  • Work in a part-time or casual job during semester or full-time during the holidays.
  • Seek opportunities in your industry field which will give you experience related to your studies. For example, if you are studying accounting and are interested in taxation, seek to volunteer as a tax helper in your community.
  • Visit our vacation work, internships and work intergrated learning page.
  • Register on our employment section – Job vacancy

Take part extra-curricular activities

Taking part in activities, clubs or teams develops your employability skills that graduate employers value e.g. time management, leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

Australian culture and workplaces

Have a good understanding of Australian culture and workplace expectations. Employers want people whose behaviours and attributes match the culture of their organisation. They want to know that you will fit in with the team. To learn more about Australian culture and workplace expectations:

  • Meet local residents and participate in community events
  • Join your professional association
  • Join Qualify Me! Cultural Program
  • Read G’day boss!: Australian culture and the workplace by Barbara West and Frances Murray and Land that Job in Australia: Successful job hunting for migrants by Jim Bright & Karen Bright.